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15/11/2022 News

Training for QAS Attendants

A QAS training was conducted on the 10th of November 2022 at NEGA BONGER HOTEL. The primary objective of the training focused on Car lift operation. This is due to the need for refreshment training of the existing ones in every two years and to incorporate newcomers if any.  Accordingly:-

  • Total of 38 staffs from Addis Ababa and upcountry were invited and all attended.
  • 100 % Car lift operators participated
  • 12 car lift operators were newly recruited.

The training was interactive and we used this opportunity to collect feedback for Africa Customer Week 2022.

The training program was preceded as follows:

Car lift operation (Morning)

Trainer – Jemal YESUF

Time morning session from 8:30 – 12:30 (with a 15-minute tea break)

Focus area

  • Safety
  • Operators’ mal practices
  • Precautions to be taken during operation
  • Cleaning and Preventive maintenance
  • Reporting concerns

Basic Lubricant Knowledge (Afternoon)

Trainer – Yonas GAREDEW

Time morning session from 1:30 – 04:30 (with a 15-minute tea break)

Focus area

  • Safety
  • Major lubricants to be sold in QAS sites
  • Customer handling
  • Lubricant grades and how to read


  • Attendees

  • Training Session

  • Training

  • Tarining