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Our Depots

TotalEnergies our depots

TotalEnergies Marketing Ethiopia operates a new Fuels and LPG Depot at Dukam, 4 Aviation depots at Bole, Mekele, Bahir Dar International Airports and Lalibela.

Provides: Kerosene, Gas oil/ AGO and Light Fuel/LFO, packed lubricants
Fuel Storage Capacity: 2060 m3

Provides: Jet A-1
Fuel Storage Capacity: 3200 m3 (1800 m3 operational)
Refuelling: 3 new refuellers of 40m3 capacity, 1 new refueller of 60m3 capacity and one revamped truck trailer (56 m3).

Provides: Jet A-1
Fuel Storage Capacity: 100 m3
Refuelling: 1 refueller (8m3)

Provides: Jet A-1
Fuel Storage Capacity: 100 m3
Refuelling: Fuelling cabinet

State of the art Fuel Depot, located in Dukem town, 37km south of Addis Ababa, was commissioned in September 2016. The depot is designed to stock approximately 10 days of TotalEnergies Marketing Ethiopia’s sales around the Addis Ababa region.

  • Constructed based on suitable API standards and European norms.
  • Total storage capacity is 8,100 m3 of fuel.
  • Product receipt by road tankers with a future link to the railway.
  • Equipped with:
  • Up-to-date automated safety and operational devices on all storage tanks.
  • Ethanol blending facility.
  • Segregated sewers and oil interceptors to prevent pollution.
  • Self-sufficient automatic fire fighting system.
  • Industrial Cyber security system.
  • Easy and operationally suitable equipment in conformity with occupational safety standards.
  • Managed by periodically audited HSEQ management system.
  • Conducts Truck tankers’ integrity checking.