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Our lubricants services

Our lubricants services

TotalEnergies Ethiopia offers a range of technical support services through lubricants Engineers who are strategically positioned to meet the customers’ requirements wherever they are. These services include lube surveys, lubricants technical training, coordination of oil analysis, advice on safe handling, storage, dispensing of oils and disposal of used oil.

Lubrication Survey:

TotalEnergies Ethiopia Lubricants Engineers conduct comprehensive lubrication surveys on regular or need basis of the equipments at customers’ sites. Lubricant recommendations are taken into account, rationalization of products to minimize inventory and enhance stock management as well as avoiding misapplication of products by the Technicians on one hand and Original Equipment Manufacturer recommendation on the other hand. This exercise is regularized to take into account acquisition of new equipment or new product launches.

Field Support:

TotalEnergies Ethiopia offers lubricant technical support through Local Lubricants Engineers and Regional Lubricants Specialists. TotalEnergies Lubricants Specialists at the head office in Paris are also at hand to provide support when required.


TotalEnergies Ethiopia’s Lubricants Engineers regularly conduct lubricants training for customers. The training/seminars act as sessions for feedback on application of our lubricants, product knowledge refreshment and a forum for latest product update.

The trainings are scheduled or regular on the spot trainings during visits to enable customers’ staff (technical, maintenance and supplies personnel) to keep abreast with lubrication trends.

Our areas of training include but are not limited to;

  • Lubrication Fundamentals
  • Lubrication terminology
  • Handling and storage of lubricants
  • Waste oil disposal
  • Any subject related to lubrication of interest upon request.

Oil Analysis program- Test Diagnostic Lubricants (TDL) Service:

TotalEnergies Ethiopia offers the oil analysis program (TDL Service) that allows the follow up of lubricants in use, through elaborate oil sample analysis whose results can be availed in a short period using our well equipped Laboratory in Nairobi dedicated exclusively for used oil analysis. The Laboratory is ISO 9001:2008 certified and transmits results electronically thus shortening the turnaround period.

Tests carried out include wear metals analysis, Viscosity tests, TBN determination, Fuel dilution, Carbon content, Silicon content, Water contamination, Dispersancy test, Flash point, among others.

With the TDL service customers gain the following:

  • Optimization of drainage intervals – hence reduced oil consumption.
  • Breakdowns can be forestalled and repair costs reduced.
  • Your maintenance team can be guided to the exact origin of the eventual breakdown.

TotalEnergies Ethiopia avails all the sampling accessories i.e. sample bottles, hosepipe, pump, data recording forms, envelopes etc. Samples are taken by the customers and handed to TotalEnergies Ethiopia to deliver to the laboratory. The laboratory has a commitment to avail the results within 48 hours and the results can be sent by e-mail or in hard copies.

The following tests are carried out by the Laboratory

The laboratory gives a diagnosis code based on its finding as follows,

  • Viscosity tests – Viscosity is determined at 40oC and 100oC. The viscosity Index is then determined.
  • Carbon content – determines the level of oxidation of the oil
  • Additives determination – Establishes the depletion of the additives in the oil
  • BN – the basicity of the oil. The ability of the oil to neutralize acids arising from high sulphur fuels
  • Dispersancy – Test to establish the ability of the oil to clean the equipment
  • Wear metals – Determines the level of wear in the equipment. Traces of certain metals gives a hint of wearing components in the engine
  • Silicon – gives an indication of the level of air filtration
  • Water – Contaminates the oil and presence of water is not good for the oil
  • Blue result – No anomaly detected. The oil is in normal condition
  • Orange – A minor problem detected. A check on the anomaly is recommended
  • Red – A serious problem detected. Immediate action is mandatory

For more information about TotalEnergies Laboratory in Nairobi, visit TotalEnergies Kenya website.

Used oil disposal:

TotalEnergies Ethiopia takes responsibility for removal, handling, transportation and disposal of used oil form customers’ sites in an environmentally friendly manner when prior arrangements are agreed upon.