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Our lubricants services

Lubricant Training and Technical Support

TotalEnergies Marketing Ethiopia prides itself in providing expert technical support services including but not limited to Fundamentals of Petroleum products & safety training, Basic to Advanced lubrication training, in-service Oil monitoring (ANAC), Lubrication survey and audits, Preventive Maintenance Management System (TIG 6), Open Gear Inspection, Safety Audit, and Defensive & Eco-Driving Skills Trainings.

Basic to Advanced Lubrication Training

Designed in progressive modules, lubrication training provide the required technical and product knowledge for automotive and industrial technical staff of our customers to devise an effective lubrication practice ensuring lasting results in machine efficiency and sustaining production reliability.


Lubrication Survey & Audits

Lubrication assessment service that provides excellent input for evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of our customers’ lubrication practices whereby all activities regarding lubrication are benchmarked with the best (world-class) practices which can be defined as a target to be achieved.



Oil Monitoring (ANAC)

Oil Monitoring (ANAC) is a service we provide to our customers where we collect in-service oil samples, analyze the samples in our worldwide laboratories, and scientifically interpret the results to compile and provide a report including recommended intervention and action plans for the customer.


Defensive & Eco-Driving Skills Trainings

A training for our customers that provides the required driving skill for a safe and reliable operation through behavioral change of drivers & commitment to decrease road traffic accidents. Its aim is to reduce the risk of collision by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the mistakes of others.