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Our fleet

TotalEnergies Marketing Ethiopia partners with more than 10 fuel transport companies and has about 600 fuel trucks traveling across Ethiopia every day.

Safety on the Roads

We are committed to improving road safety in Ethiopia through:

  •  Transporters and drivers' training
  • Vehicles inspections
  • Transporters safety inspection
  • Identification of dangers on the road through a road risk assessment map
  • Regular upgrades of our fleet, equipped with the latest safety technology, GPS tracking
    • Online tracking with 10 meters accuracy – daily in operation
    • Right route follow-up of each truck
    • On-board camera monitoring of driver behavior inside and outside the cabin
    • Fatigue detection camera that alerts drivers when fatigued / Distracted
    • Truck rollover alert system to the surrounding
    • Detection of driver safety violations and driver alert system
  • Community awareness, collaboration with road transport authorities and sharing of experience during international road safety conferences.