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TotalEnergiesm Sponsored Cheshire Services Ethiopia

TotalEnergies Ethiopia in its Corporate Social Responsibility programs sponsored Cheshire Services Ethiopia (CSE) the 43rd fund raising walk for children with disabilities. The walk program was held on March 4, 2017starting and finishing at Cheshire rehabilitation center at Menagesha on the new Ambo road 17 KMs from Kolfe round about.
CSE is an organization that provides comprehensive rehabilitation for people with disabilities, primarily children and young people. CSE has served for the last 55 years rendering numerous impairment related service for both children and adults in all its five regional centers. Since its establishment in Ethiopia, CSE has treated more than 25,000 children, enabling them to lead normal lives and become integrated members of the society.

To this effect TotalEnergies Ethiopia supported Birr 50,000.00, 100 T-shirts and 100 caps worth Birr 20,000 .More over TotalEnergies Ethiopia staff participated in the walk program.