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13/03/2023 News

TotalEnergies Gift Card

On November 2, 2020, TotalEnergies Marketing Ethiopia S.C is pleased to announce the launching of the TotalEnergies Gift Card which is an electronic card for everyone that can be used to incentivize, thank, reward, and gratify.

The denomination of TotalEnergies Gift Card amount starts from ETB 1,000. This Card can purchase all petroleum products and services in TotalEnergies Marketing Ethiopia service stations. The TotalEnergies Gift Card is now available to everyone, and a dedicated team is ready to serve you.

It is known that TotalEnergies Marketing Ethiopia S.C had introduced a modern cashless payment system, TotalEnergies Card since 2004 TotalEnergies card is a handy, secured, and custom-tailored to meet each customer’s requirement. It is an electronically rechargeable card, which is available upon customer request for the purchase of petroleum products and services from any of TotalEnergies service stations. Customers can get an immediate report of the transaction at the fuel station as well as a monthly full and detailed summary report via customer portal/extranet, email, and hard copy from TotalEnergies Marketing Ethiopia S.C. Head Office.