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Quality and safety

We are committed to deliver high quality and safety standards throughout our distribution process. We monitor each step of our supply chain regularly to ensure we provide you with quality products and heightened safety.

Fuel quality. At TotalEnergies Ethiopia, we have implemented strict procedures through our distribution process, and control our products regularly to check out for potential defects as air oxidation or water presence in the products.

Lubricants quality. All our products are certified and delivered in sealed packages.

Controlling risks in service stations. At TotalEnergies Ethiopia, we work hard every day to guarantee the safety of our customers, through equipments and installations (extinguishers, sand boxes, padlocked fill boxes). Our teams are regularly trained to deal with risky situations.

Safety rules in station:

  • Drive slowly
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not use your cell phone
  • Switch off your engine
  • Do not use plastic bottles or jerry cans to stock fuel


Also know as gasoline, regular fuel is a volatile mixture of liquid hydrocarbons, generally containing small amounts of additives, suitable for use in spark-ignition, internal combustion engines. It can be used in the construction industry for small-scale projects.



Also known as gasoil, diesel is a fuel suitable for the generation of power by combustion in compression-ignition (diesel) engines. It can be used in the industry for generators, boilers, etc...



Kerosene is a fuel used for household cooking. It is available in kerosene pumps at our service stations.