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LPG storage and supply

  •  LPG for domestic uses is provided in cylinders of varying sizes, whereas gas for industrial use is provided in bulk storage tanks which can be located above the ground or underground.
  •  The position of the tank in this case is very important because the tanker delivering gas must always be parked in a safe position.
  • The storage tank needs to be set a distance away from the building, in an aerated place. Installations of these tanks should only be carried out by or in consultation with TotalEnergies Ethiopia engineers, after which TotalEnergies will fill the tank with gas and then make arrangements for top up deliveries.

Tank user recommendations

The basic rules consist in avoiding close storage to combustible matter (wood, gas and oil drums …), open fires (cigarettes, barbecues …), and motor vehicle parking

Specific rules for your outdoor tank:

Reserve a free path of at least 0.6 meters around the outside of the tank.
Do not use chlorated herbicides close to the reservoir.
Follow the safety distances recommended by TotalEnergies Ethiopia technical staff between LPG tanks and any other source of heat.

Specific rules for your underground tank:

The driving and parking of motor vehicles above the storage area is prohibited.
The area bordered by warning abutments must remain free of construction and trees.

Extended absences:

Turn off all the device taps and pipes, if you have any, and then the tank's general main tap.


Turn off the tank's main stoppage tap (usually with a red tab)
Eliminate any source of fire (devices, live fires, automobile traffic, if any)
Do not touch electrical switches or use cell phones in the vicinity of the leak
If the leak is indoors, air the premises well


Turn off the tank's main stoppage tap (usually with a red tab)
Call the firefighters.
While waiting for their arrival, in order to reduce the risk of heat, spray the tank with a hose or any other equivalent means.

In case of a Major Leak of Fire

Call the fire brigade on 939; advise them it is a leak or fire involving LPG.
For a leak or a fire indoors get everyone out of the premises. For a leak or a fire outdoors, evacuate all persons from the area.