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15/11/2022 News

Africa Customer Week 2022

The Africa Customer Week 2022 was officially launched and colorfully celebrated from November 7 - 11, 2022 with a theme of “With You Every Step of the Way”.

The current step our B2B customers are taking is towards energy transition and we wanted to use the Africa Customer Week as an opportunity to remind them that we are the best-positioned partner to contribute to this transition.  We also want to remind our B2C customers that we are with them at every stage of their experience: at our stations, online, and through our Customer Service centers. 

TotalEnergies Marketing Ethiopia managed to collect 1058 feedback from our customers/partners.  Also, among the 34 Customers/Partners, we intended to visit, we’ve managed to visit and approach 31 of them during the week.  


  • MD with the team

  • ACW 2022

  • AWC 2022 Service station

  • ACW 2022