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07/05/2021 News


TotalEnergies ETHIOPIA has celebrated World Day for Safety 2021 from April 26 - 29, 2021 in all its sites and together with its staffs, contractors, and transporters, with the theme “The Golden Rules, Everywhere, Every day.”

The celebration started on April 26 with meetings with staff, contractors, and transporters. The different workshops were also conducted with contractors and transporters on the 12 Golden Rules.

The conclusion event took place on April 29 with the following different activities  :

  • Group and Individual Safety Games for two hours.
  • Visit by journalists of the OBC and drivers training centers.
  • Interviews with the MD and Mancom Members.
  • Safety cube demonstration for Children.
  • Staff entertainment with a coffee ceremony and refreshment.
  • Recognition of Best Driver of March 2021, Best transporter and contractor of 2020, Best HSE Managers and staffs for Q1, 2021 as well as winners of the Safety Games.

Dignitaries from the Ministry of Transport, oil companies, and our Brand Ambassador, Athlete Haile G/Selassie were present in the conclusion event. 

Safety for me, for you, for all!